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French creative services for all of us…

Pax Rodentia is the Communications & Design firm headed by French designer Stéphane Tran based in Evanston, IL (North of Chicago). We specialize in the strategy and execution of various branding projects. Our spaces of expertise encompass online platforms , and video content.

We focus on delivering website fusing art and business with an emphasis on strategy-based development. Pax Rodentia wants to make you look good, sound smart and deliver real value to your audience, so that they love you! Our client roster ranges from consumers brands, b2b to non-for-profits organization. Whether you want to engage you audience or find a design partner with a French accent, we're here to help build a better you, so contact us!

Our work covers the scope of strategy-based planning, branding and design programming, visual identity and logos development, web design and web development of online platforms, interactive applications, and motion graphics. The best thing to do is to look at the work and make up your mind!

Recent projects

  • The Arts at Northwestern have found an online home at the Arts Circle. We've had a wonderful partnership with Northwestern Global Marketing department to reinvigorate this major Arts branding campaign through a website showing its world-class performances and exhibitions, and an extensive advertising campaign kicking off in February!
  • If you're a fan of ethnography and culture (we are), don't miss out our latest exhibitions microsite for the Field Museum. Hellenists obsessives or Fans or longships can satiate their hunger for incredible artefacts.
  • Entrepreneurs and Startup/Lean lovers should definitely look at the Garage, an innovative cursus from Northwestern University dedicated for people who want to get their ideas built!
  • Science in its smallest possible form deserves a big round of support, so we helped the International Institute of Nanotechnology design a brand new identity and trophy for its Kabiller Prize bi-annual prize
  • Who would have thought Magic Johnson himself would do us the honors of being in one of our website?!? Him and tens of others artists are donating their voices and songs to a good cause. And us? Well, we designed and developed this massively social video-based donation platform fully integrated with their donation software! That, and the identity design of course. Go checkout and don't be cheap: give a few dollars to the cause!
  • A socially responsible group of people work at One World Architecture, a great fit for us as we entirely redesigned their branding and website
  • Get buttoned up with the new online brand for Republic Partners, an investment banking firm. The new Republic Partners website is now live ! Of course, that's only the tip of the…iceberg, as we're also expanding their visual identity as well. Investment bankers with a vision are a great bunch to work with.
  • Social Media up the nose! Alkalol is becoming seriously social with its brand new strategic-twittery-facebookly-bloggal-media-content-integrated-easy-to-use new website at! You know the best? you don't even have to be a genius to use it!
  • A nice homepage refresh with splendid photography of award-winning homes. Treat yourself and spend some lavish time at the online home of our friends from Morgante-Wilson
  • Design for a good and alarming cause: more than 47 million voices try to reach out at Voice for the Uninsured. We could not have done it without Lou Beres and the American medical Association.
  • Elisa Au-Fonseca and John Fonseca, world-renowned Karate practitioners chose us to redesign the Fonseca Martial Arts website. It's break-a-board awesome and packed with a powerful CMS.
  • Oh, Look! The Lakeshore Arts Festival identity kit is landing and here's a taste of the Lakeshore arts poster, as well as some tees.
  • If you hung out in the northern Chicago area this summer, you might have caught sight of the Evanston Ethnic Arts Festival identity package, and since you're here, have a glimpse of the poster designs (and some Chocolate and Pink T-shirts designs too).
  • Medical sites don't need to be sterile! Doctors, nurses and patients can refresh their sights and knowledge on the redesigned ReachMD web community site.
  • Food & design delights! The Evanston Chamber of Commerce hired us to create the visual identity of their 88th annual gala. That included a 2-color envelope design, an invitation and the program of the event.
  • Rich with an easy-to-use content management system and high-quality project photography, the new Normandy Builders Web Site is now live, thanks to our collaboration with Lou Beres and Associates.
  • An updated visual identity for PCI Energy Services is in the work in collaboration with Steadfast data. Head here for a design amuse-bouche of the homepage.
  • It's everywhere, it's all the rage if you're less than 15 and wear pigtails. It's the new Betty Spaghetty TV spot realized with Lou Beres and Associates.
  • A process illustration for a legal firm depicting how their services work.
  • Since we moved our office, we thought it'd be nice to give our new designers-filled building a refreshed identity along with a directory.
  • Get creative at the CPSI Web site or maybe you should look into the animated short we designed for the recap event.
  • Some Sports illustration work ( T-shirts or posters) created for promo540
  • A mix of 2D and 3D work for the PMI promotional Web spot depicting the laser technology of an engineering survey firm.
  • Patty Burger first store opened, and we designed the Patty logo as well as some never-printed theme posters!

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Some news

an elegant sort of holiday
Can you hear the jingling? Well: not quite but you can almost see it
sparkles everywhere
In need for something shiny and custom-designed? Therese Crowe will set you up with an artistic jewelry chef-d'œuvre.
ichi, ni, san...go!
World-renowned Karate sensei Elisa Au and John Fonseca chose us to redesign Fonseca Martial Arts: their first online dojo!
Architects Morgante-Wilson came out with their fantastic portfolio of work in a website form of course.
more architecture!!
It must be architects season again, since Norsman architects updated their online presence this month (old site still here).
the apple of my lens
New online mugshot for John Vlahakis photographer and…a new branding as well.
i'm so green
Looks like Earth Friendly Products got a facelift!
arts, more arts!
We're selected to work on the Lakeshore Arts Festival and Ethnic Arts Festival identity packages…2 years in a row!
financial etiquette
Molinero Financial Management, a London Hedge fund specialized in quantitative techniques, has a new identity package
slick as a…er…pan?
It's not because you manufacture non-stick coatings you shouldn't be pretty, Mr. GMM .
we love holidays
It's Holiday season holiday cards time for Sonnenschein.

Websites we planned and designed

Sounds of Sinai web design
We're the web designers, identity designers and web developers of Sounds of Sinai design. And we really hoep the website will raise thousands of real moola for the good folks at Sinai
Alkalol web design
We're the web designers behind Alkalol. Yep, did the social media and website design for the good Alkalol nasal wash product!
One World Architecture design
We're the web and logo designers behind the One World Architecture website: creators of the Lego Hillcrest villa! No, seriously go check it out!
Republic Partners web design
We're the web designers behind the Republic Partners website. Yep, did the website strategy and design for the smart guys at Republic Partners investment banking firm
Morgante Wilson web design
We're the web designers of the Morgante Wilson website. We implemented the website strategy and design of the Morgante Wilson architecture firm!
End of page Puzzlement & the Cobbler's children shoes
Yes, this is becoming the longest one-page homepage we've ever worked on.
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