Pax Rodentia : the nest

Website architecture, design & development

Consumer and business-to-business, corporate or entertainment, we have been working on design strategy and implementation for almost 10 years. Pax Rodentia exists somewhere at the confluence of business, science and art. We can help you implement AJAX, Flash, video and even a dash of management content if necessary. We'll create a site that works and thinks hard for you, but do so with panache.

Design in motion

We have realized numerous TV spots and videos over the years in collaboration with agencies or independent clients. Some of them got awards, some not. All were equally loved though. Whether you're looking for a video introduction in the form of a tradeshow DVD, a giant screen projection depicting some stylish graphics or a 30-second TV spot, you should head towards the TV & Video section! We work on sequential narratives, storyboards, motion graphics, 2D and 3D graphic design for broadcast, as well as compositing.

Design partnership and contractual work

Pax Rodentia maintains a continuous relationship with several technological and creative partners (development and programming firms, advertising/design agencies), where we are used in a creative capacity to help the ideation and design process. If you want to expand your pool of design contractors or freelancers, we would be glad to have the opportunity to talk with you or share a cup of espresso.

Design consultancy

If you need help evaluating your current web site or are in a design cul-de-sac and need fresh ideas, we can help you kickstart your ideation process, evaluate the efficiency of your identity or current design and get some energy flowing in your creative process. We'll also make recommendations to prioritize any design efforts you're involved in to make sure you maximize your budget and energy.

So if you're still interested after hearing this diatribe, call us at (312) 899-6789 or drop us a few words!