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TV & Video

storyboards + motion graphics + tv commercials

The broadcast commercials and experimental videos of this section illustrate a love of the narrative process associated with visual experimentations. My involvement with these projects varies from the conceptual to the production phase: the early stages of a storyboard inception, its materialization into a narrative, an animated storytelling device, and the hands-on post-production process that involves type in motion, compositing and 2D / 3D animations. A good way to have a feeling for all of this is to check the main demo reel.

recent motion projects

  • It's everywhere, it's all the rage if you're less than 15 and wear pigtails. It's the new Betty Spaghetty TV spot realized with Lou Beres and Associates.
  • The Creative Education Foundation commandited us with an animated introduction we designed for the seminar live event
  • A mix of 2D and 3D work for the PMI promotional Web spot depicting the laser technology of an engineering survey firm.